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Knee arthritis causes serious knee pain, knee disability and affects everyday activities, like walking or climbing stairs. There are no treatments to reverse the knee arthritis process, however the current treatments for knee arthritis help to relieve the pain and improve knee function.
Dr Sandeep Gupta is one of best trained Orthopedic Knee surgeon in Lucknow, India. He have done more than 4000 joint replacement surgeries which includes more than 250 revision surgeries. He is a very accomplished knee surgeon.

Dr Sandeep Gupta offers a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of Knee pain and other knee conditions, and routinely undertakes knee arthroscopy and knee replacement surgery

What is total Knee Replacement?

TKR is a surgical procedure in which eroded and roughened cartilage along with adjoining small bone pieces are removed and knee is resurfaced with artificial metal parts Prosthesis comprises of femoral component, tibia base plate, patellar component and polyethylene insert

Who is the Candidate for TKR?


Main indication for TKR is pain
• Patient may have arthritis due to age related arthritis called osteoarthdtis
• Rheumatoid arthritis which starts at young age and a Post traumatic arthritis due to injuries
• Patient who has tried every other prescribed measure for pain relief and still having persistent pain is candidate for knee replacement

Partial Knee Replacement

In some patients who are more than 70 years of age and have limited arthritis of the knee joint, the whole knee need not be replaced. Only the diseased portion is removed, surfaces are reshape and metal with plastic are inserted with bone cement of those part which have been removed.

How long will my knee replacement last?

All knee replacements have a limited life expectancy dependant on an individual’s age, weight and level of activity. Their longevity will vary but all knee replacements will eventually wear out. Currently 20-25 years is the expected life span . There is no guarantee that your particular implant will last a specific length of time. It is important to follow your Surgeon’s advice after surgery

What is expected from TKR ?

• Prime aim of doing TKR is to relieve pain
• Hence you will be able to walk pain free to carry out activities of daily life.
• You can bend you knee up to 110 deg without any pain. So you can use raised chair, sofa or commode seat comfortably
• Deformed knees will get the natural alignment back
• You can participate in low impact activities such as walking, swimming, golf, cycling and driving
• This will certainly improve your quality of life

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