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All About Deformity Correction

Deformity correction is a procedure to straighten a bone that is bent or twisted in a way that is not normal. After the bone is straightened, the arm, leg, or foot has normal alignment and function. Deformities can be corrected in two different ways: All at once during a surgical procedure (called acute correction)

How does acute deformity correction work?

During surgery, the doctor makes a cut across the bone to create two separate bone segments. This surgical procedure to cut a bone is called an osteotomy. Then the doctor will straighten the bone.
After the bone is positioned correctly, the doctor inserts an internal device to keep the bone in the corrected position while it heals.

How does gradual deformity correction work?

During surgery, an external fixator is applied to the bone. The doctor then cuts the bone (osteotomy) into two separate bone segments and may perform soft-tissue procedures to prepare the muscles and nerves.
After surgery, the patient will be given specific instructions and a schedule for how to adjust the external fixator so that it slowly straightens the bone. 

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