Ladies, follow these tips to keep your bones healthy and strong!

When you break a bone in the early years of life, it’s no big deal- you get a plaster, your friends sign it, and it would heal in a couple of weeks. But it’s always not the same, ladies! As you age, your bones weaken and your body doesn’t bounce back from an injury like it used to. Instead, a light fall that once resulted in a scraped knee could now break a bone.
Since women’s bones have low bone density than men’s, they’re more likely to develop osteoporosis and related health conditions as their bone mass begins to diminish. However, it’s never too early or late to be giving special attention to your bone health. In this piece of writing, we will be highlighting a few tips to help women maintain optimal bone health.

Diagnosed with Arthritis? Here are its causes, symptoms, & treatment


Most of us don’t pay attention to our joints until they become painful or discomforting. And by the time we spare a few hours to get them examined, many of us would have developed serious health problems. Arthritis is one of them. It is a medical condition characterized by swelling, tenderness, and stiffness in joints that worsen with age.