What is the treatment for osteoporosis?

Picture a bone. A smooth, hard and white substance comes to mind right? But that’s just what your naked eyes see. Under a microscope powerful enough you will find it to be a matrix of compact bone tissues connecting together in a mesh-like structure that looks anything but smooth. With improper lifestyle and/or with age especially with the onset of menopause in women, the density of the matrix reduces leaving the bone to be vulnerable to fractures. Such a condition associated with brittle and weak bones is called osteoporosis.

 It’s a sad admission, on the part of current medical science, that the condition has no cure. But on the brighter side, you can function properly and mitigate the risks of fracture with proper treatment. We are here to tell you that life is livable even with the condition! 

Just try out the advice below and find yourself having osteoporosis just in your mind and not your body!


  1. Take a healthy dose of calcium and vitamin D.
    People usually get vitamin D from exposure of the skin to sunlight and most of the time that’s enough but not in the case of people with the condition. Vitamin D makes calcium that you get from food, absorbable. So if you don’t get enough vitamin D throughout your day, maybe it’s best to take that dark yellow looking pill. But the dosage has to be set by your physician. It’s not at all advisable to pop a pill down without the consultation of your doctor.

    The hard outer layer of bone tissue is calcium so obviously, you need that too to fortify your bones. Calcium can be taken as tablets as well as in form of food. If you don’t get enough calcium from your food then only it’s advisable to pop a table in. Excessive calcium in your body is harmful so please take the advice of your doctor to start a medicinal course.

  2. A healthy dose of exertion a day keeps osteoporosis away!

    Whenever you have gone to a physician in your life, they always asked you to exercise, isn’t it? Yes! Don’t shy away from exercise even if you have osteoporosis. But there is always some recommended amount of exertion that, if done right can help you with this condition. 

    Here is our recommendation. If your bones are very fragile try low-impact weight training. When you are lifting weight being in the upright position, weight, stresses your bones parallel to them, giving them much needed exertion without straining them too much. You see, weight training is a way to tell your bones that you are going to demand strength from them and they better provide you with that. Such exercise can be in the form of using elliptical training machines, doing low impact aerobics or simply lifting weights using weight machines.


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